Apocrypha Condemno

by Noceur

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Apocrypha Condemno


released March 3, 2017

Strings of Six - Aredux
Chords of Four - Wizard
Battery - Qayin



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Noceur Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: II. Apocrypha Condemno
Awaken unto this mortal decay-covenant within the flesh-born of the dust-ordained as an altar of sacrifice-the body is but a chalice-for which to agonize the wracked soul : awaken unto unending horizons of desolation-obfuscated frailty-condemned to life : morbidus aurᴁ-numina omega-TRX carceris-apocrypha condemno : down spiraling staircase-into gentian darkness-those infinite eyes that ever see and feast within my flesh.
Track Name: III. In Judecca Vermes
Cast down-in the judgement of worms-i die-to this dust return : feast upon my flesh-whores liars worms all-fallen seed of dust-remain : the cursed figures crawled fourth from ruin to judgement-in shame they wander endlessly the desolation-horizons of pain-rabid incest-lay stone upon stone upon stone upon stone : beneath their many dark eyes-fornicating appendages-clutched icons- lay stones unto plague-the blessing of famine-to live endlessly in filth-a temple to none but man himself : and as i was lead towards death-i saw in their eyes a fear-fear of themselves-calmed in witness of death : into the wastes return-to feast and spawn amongst their own-the worm of man shall know divinity as he knows himself.
Track Name: IIII. Come thou Redeemer
Messianic age-anticipation of the covenant’s arrival-foul axiom of death and decay-a light to end all lights-slowly rotting within you all-apocrypha condemn-each and every child born corrupt-prey for the keepers of his temple-locus of faith and bodily defilement-infinite war of self hatred poisoned death world starved for the messiah : degenerate flesh opiated on fear for the sky-upon the dead will they construct their own god-idle vanity wearing the skins of slaughtered children-terminal and hopeless : into genitals still bruised with life I shall inject-that which will become-legions of dead semen ensnaring the daughter : arise now-with your screaming breeds of abomination-with your machines feeble all-raise the crucifix once more-and once more shall you be poisoned-suffer.
Track Name: IIIII. Of the Earth (Litanies of Suffering)
Condemno-Omega-Carceris-the body’s terrestrial poison soured to flesh-bloodless-deluge-apocrypha sealed within the flesh : words of silence long night of withered hands desolate feasts shall we in silence rest glacial pyre.
Track Name: IIIIII. Shadows Cast of a Broken Figure
In that place of lunacy and murder stand-the great saboath-cast fourth into desolate horizons-from here stood and gazed at the sky-screams of the lost still echo-fore here stood their light-here stood their god-and here it fell : and though its figure lies broken-still its maddening shadows dance-in the lightless twilight-where the luminance died-where the stones of binding still-lie shattered.
Track Name: IIIIIII. TRX Carceris
*lyrics lost*