On Earth

by Noceur

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Written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Noceur between January and May 2015. Play it loud, but don't enjoy it.


released May 21, 2015

Additional vocals on tracks 1,5,6,8 by India SuryaDewi Odle



all rights reserved


Noceur Bellingham, Washington

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Track Name: Morbid Dawn
From the Skies did they fall-Those who burned the flesh of man-Strange gods from strange aeons-And thus spake from golden tongues-“Upon your brethren shall you feast-Upon your children shall you fornicate in madness”-Men shall crawl like beasts-On the backs of a million slaves it arrives-Deflowering the earth-A great pillar unto the gods-Bleeding matriarchal catalyst-Behold it breathes-In its dreams it speaks-Glimpses of emerging infinite-Emmanuel will come to thee-Blind legions inhabiting the earth-Driven mad by a shadow bound intelligence-Burdened with procreative obligation-A conjoined stillbirth-Genital rationale-Covenant within the flesh-A phallacious genuflection-Hail the coming of a new age-Hail Nineveh-Hail that which is not-Hail morbid dawn
Track Name: Yaldboath
Agony-The fruit of a hollow endeavor-Malediction -On Earth as it is in Heaven-Amen-Pale light of otherworldly dawn-The opening of gates-Behold no creation shall stand before me-“For I am the only God”-The empty eyes of the prophet-Anointed with holy fire-Possessed by the highest will-Procreate the Fetusaltar-To genuflect on shattered limbs-No greater shame
Track Name: Come Thou Redeemer
Messianic Age-Anticipation of the covenants arrival-Foul axiom of death and decay-A light to end all lights-Slowly rotting within you all-Apocrypha condemno-Each and every child born corrupt-Prey for the keepers of his temple-Locus of faith and bodily defilement-Infinite war of self-hatred-Poisoned death world-Starved of the Messiah-Degenerate flesh opiated on fear for the sky-Upon the dead will they construct their own God-Idle vanity wearing the skins of slaughtered children-Terminal and hopeless-Into genitals still bruised with life shall I inject that which will become-Legions of dead semen ensnaring the flesh of the daughter-Arise now-With your screaming breeds of abomination-With your machines feeble all-Raise the crucifix once more-And once more you shall be poisoned-Eden Shall again bear fruit-And once more you shall be poisoned-Suffer
Track Name: Possessed by the Dust
Blessed are the Meek-This rot bestowed to thee-Vomit-Breed-Feast-Kneel-Dust-From which thou art conceived-Children of Nineveh-Come to me-Plague-Lust-Merciful conduits of thy sword-How the children scream-Vermin of thy fallen paradise feed-Thine orb bears but a desolate absence-Nothing to mourn but our tomb-This bitter plea-An eternity upon thine Earth-May all flesh to thee come-Omnipresent revelation of death-The ‘I’ no longer inhabits this convulsing flesh alone-No conscious left to vomit-Every sensory feeler enraptured with lunacy-Every vein pierced with Christ’s thorns-A tongue that twitches in its words-Through eyes not its own-Glimpsing the will of Omega
Track Name: Krathanyphys
For the death of a thousand suns-This shall be the aeon of your reign-Chant the litanies carved into the moons-Infants of gods will be burned forever-Krathanyphys-In that horrible place of pure death-Altars unto faceless gods-Eyes of the stillborn eternally watch-Graves yawn in welcome
Track Name: Moths of the Immortal Unholy Luminance
Altar of ashes temple of ruin-Your secrets no longer shrouded unto me-Open my eyes oh priest of serpents-Beyond the piercing light it lies-Like a great shadow falling on the Universe-It's absence starved of all light-Pillar of Daath-That which is not-All form shall be an Altar-All life a sacrifice-They have wept at your arrival-Seers of all time-Born into existence to watch existence end-They are the guardians-They are the mourners-Aflight in cosmic tomb-Towards the light eternal-In their endless vigil-Their lidless eyes have seen-Endless unmaking of suns-Skinless failures of flesh-Unmade by the blight-Rejoice as the light flickers and then-Dies
Track Name: The Lord's Shadow Falls
Behold your Lord of dust-Mourn your dying Sun-When angels shall weep-And forever depart-Seal of the Prophet rotting-Worms sodomize the corpse of a God-Heed thine tears-At starless dawn-Await the vast nothing-Lifeless-Cold-Alone-In darkness
Track Name: On Earth
Come fourth creatures of shadow-Heed now my call-Come fourth from the blackness-Witness Nightfall-Girding my phallus-In serpents coil-Semen released-God's virgin despoiled-Procreate wicked spawn of the snake-Hark as the Ancient Ones pound at the gate-Reborn in blood with malicious pride-Daughter of Lilith my nocturnal bride-Covered in blood vomit and seed-Whore of the night my vessel to breed-Blaspheme on Earth-Preparing the womb-For spawn of the stars-Bringers of doom-For the death of 1000 suns-This shall be the aeon of your reign-“Heaven cannot hold Him-Nor can Earth sustain-Heaven and Earth shall flee away-When He comes to reign”